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i was not going to post or comment on this outfit but it won’t stop bothering me so let me just put it out there.

Amber is clearly trying to relive her glory days here, before she had her baby because she doesn’t have the body that this dress requires for it to work, the back of it didn’t do as much damage as the front, her tummy, those thighs, the proportions are off.

so ladies, if you are going to go revealing this Spring/Summer please remember that it doesn’t just boil down to having a toned body

i was not going to post or comment on this outfit but it won’t stop bothering me so let me just put it out there.

Amber honestly looks so good, this outfit probably cost several grand but shes making it look like a billion dollars. Her thighs look hot her back looks hot she could have had six million babies and still look this good 

ladies if you are going go revealing this season just do it work the muffin top or your flat ass or your thick legs and arms bcause a toned body is not a requirement for making this dress look sexy tbh imo fortheloveofnavyblueandopenskies eats her own shit for breakfast, lunch and dinner 




Hey everybody! So this is me holding a sign and you may be wondering…what slaughter? Is this another post about Gaza? And I’m here to say, no it’s not. While the atrocities occurring in Gaza are brutal and unacceptable I’m here to talk about another issue that the media FAILS TO COVER IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM. If you haven’t heard already, there is a new terrorist group called Isis emerging from Iraq. While terrorism is horrible for everybody and everything, it is especially bad for the indigenous Christians who are being FORCED TO CONVERT TO ISLAM OR BE SLAUGHTERED. Ten years ago there were 1.5 million Assyrians (the majority of Christians in the region), now there are only 400,000. Since the media fails to cover this BRUTALITY, I need you guys…TUMBLR I NEED YOU ALL TO SIGNAL BOOST THIS. Christians are being FORCED OUT OF THEIR HOMES. Women are being RAPED. Children are ORPHANED. They even have the audacity to CRUCIFY two teenagers who refused to convert. And all I ask is for you all to reblog this. TUMBLR THIS IS A GENOCIDE AND THESE PEOPLE ARE BEING SILENCED, BE THEIR VOICE. STOP ISIS NOW.

As a christian Lebanese I approve of this and it’s utterly revolting to see what’s happening in the region. More so when the west isn’t even lifting a finger to help christians in the area.

I am so stunned to learn that there’s almost zero coverage of this in the US? Here in Italy everyone’s talking about it and the media are doing so many reports to raise awareness on the Christian genocide in Iraq.

melpussy asked:

I just got a kindle! I've never been much of a reader but I really want to be, any tips or suggestions? I feel like idk where to start ya know?


I would recommend you my favourite five books:

The Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Salinger: It shows you what a teenager thinks. His fears, what does he loves and how can they react.

On the Road, Jack KerouacThe author can make you feel that you are traveling on the routes of United States in late 40s. He can make you feel free.

High Fidelity, Nick Hornby: I love music and this is a perfect book for music lovers. In the end, is a book about love, but in the middle of it is full of songs.

Ham on Rye, Charles Bukowski: Hank is one of my favorites writers (his poetry is amazing) and this is an autobiography. Every anecdote makes us understand why Bukowski thinks as he does.

A Moveable Feast, Ernest HemingwayThis book narrates Hemingway’s life in París in the 20s as an expatriate writer. You can read it 30 times.

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